Two Coaches of a Generation

Bill Bellichick and Gregg Popovich have been the greatest coaches of my lifetime and probably of all time. They have been so dominant in their respective sports for so long, in an age where parody reigns supreme, these men are driven, proven leaders who have flourished in the face of adversity time and time again. Popovich, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs has amassed … Continue reading Two Coaches of a Generation

Will Running Backs Ever Get Paid??!

It’s been interesting to watch how the agent market for running backs has developed so far this offseason. With only Jerick McKinnon receiving a significant contract of 4 years $30 million from San Francisco (and only a one year guarantee) it’s worth asking, will running backs ever get a fair shake with their contracts? While Le’Veon Bell not getting what he wants from the Steelers … Continue reading Will Running Backs Ever Get Paid??!

Why Do The Steelers Never Learn From Their Mistakes

A model NFL franchise, they say, a winning culture. These cliche lines get sprinkled in by broadcasters and journalists like they’re peppering a ribeye. As a fan of the NFL it’s annoying. As a fan of the Steelers it’s just not happening right now. Every year for the past 4 years we have immersed ourselves into the hype of once again clinching the Lombardi trophy, … Continue reading Why Do The Steelers Never Learn From Their Mistakes

The Brown Zone

An inconceivably tough path of heartache and misery passes through these fans hearts, like a fart ebbing and flowing around ones nose until it’s so unbearable that you feel dizzy and vomit. That is the stench of the Browns. And it can be smelled from mountain top to island oasis. They suck. In past years they have danced with the possibility of being decent signing … Continue reading The Brown Zone