What Is Wendell Carter Jr’s Ceiling?

Wendell Carter Jr is one of the smartest players in this draft, and he has the talent and the wherewithal to instantly make his team better. He gets knocked for not being an athlete which may be unfair since he was relegated to the role of center with Marvin Bagley getting the majority of touches and all the fast break opportunities. Make no mistake Wendell Carter is an above average athlete with great lateral quickness that could translate to him being an elite switchable defender.

Need I say more? That guy is everywhere on defense, constantly filling holes and always getting in the right position. The Bulls were smart to pick Carter in lieu of a high potential risky player like Michael Porter Jr. Carter will help Lauri Markkanen greatly by matching up with the tougher assignment on defense as well.

Offensively, WCJ has as much potential as anyone. In his freshman year at Duke he shot 41.3 from 3 point range, and has great touch from all over the floor. His mechanics might be the best of any big man in the draft and that means his shot will most likely improve at the next level. What he lacks is a consistent shot off the dribble, but this kid is 19 and has plenty of room to grow.

Ok, so if you watched the video, you see what I mean. Obviously he needs to work on his handles and pull ups, but overall he is miles ahead of all the other big men in the draft both mechanically and consistency.

Another strength from Carter is his passing ability, he can throw dimes from the low post as good as anyone, his high basketball IQ and quick decision making skills will give his teammates easy shots and that will lead to wins, isn’t that what all teams want?

As you can see, his ability to thread the needle can really force defenses into making mistakes.

Carter will be a great player in the NBA for years, he has developed so many skills at both ends of the court that will translate immediately to the NBA and given a few years, who knows what else he could pull out of his bag.

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