Don’t Get Woj Mad On Draft Night

If you live under a rock you missed a tweet fiesta from Adrian Wojnarowski tonight. Wojnarowski is the ultimate NBA insider. It’s almost just unfair to other writers how much of an in he has with GMs and coaches, but tonight he got mad. He didn’t really show it but you could tell in his mind he was like fuck this I’m releasing every fucking pick I don’t care if the NBA is mad at ESPN, he used words like lasers and phrases like zeroing in, but we all knew what he meant.

The culprit of enacting the Woj fusion bomb? Shams Charania, a writer for Yahoo Sports tweeted this. Revealing the first 2 picks of the draft hours before.

Woj was trying to help the NBA GMs out and not ruin the NBA Draft for everyone involved, but once the draft officially kicked off, he went on a fucking tangent of leaking picks in the most obviously trying to be subtle way.

And my personal favorite

You catch the drift, dude was on a tear of epic proportions. Only Woj and Donald Trump could light Twitter on fire like what just happened, it was glorious. He may never get a scoop again after tonight, but it doesn’t matter because Adrian Wojnarowski, you were the belle of the ball.

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