He Gone.. What Kawhi Trade Package Makes The Most Sense For The Spurs?

Kawhi is out, whether it is the prospect of signing long term in San Antonio with Popovich possibly leaving earlier rather than later, or the way the medical staff dealt with his injury, it’s a forgone conclusion that he’s not going to be around long term.

Philadelphia 76ers Receive, Kawhi Leonard, Derrick White

San Antonio Spurs Receive Markelle Fultz, Dario Saric, Tj McConnell, Jerryd Bayless, 10th overall pick

This is an interesting trade scenario for the Spurs. Markelle Fultz, while not proven in the NBA has the potential to be great, with Chip Engelland doing wonders for Kawhi’s shot in a short time span, maybe Engelland can get Fultz’s shot right. Saric is an amazing off ball player who works his ass off on the court, you know Pop would love that. The draft pick could be used on a three and d wing or a player like Kevin Knox with huge upside.

Lakers Receive Kawhi Leonard

Spurs Receive Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Channing Fry

This trade makes sense on paper but I mean come on, Pop hates trading to the western conference and especially to the Lakers. Both Ball and Ingram would do well under Pop but without a draft pick to sweeten the deal he may go elsewhere. Kawhi might have a preference for the Lakers but that doesn’t mean he will go there, The Spurs will make the best decision for the organization and giving the Lakers a top 5 player probably wouldn’t be in that equation.

Celtics Receive Kawhi Leonard

Spurs Receive Kyrie Irving, 2019 Sacramento Kings Pick

This trade might have the biggest upside for both teams. The Spurs get a star back in Kyrie and a probable lottery pick next year. The only question is would the Celtics be willing to give this much up.

Kawhi set this offseason on fire today, what will the Spurs choose? I’m guessing they are going to bank on their future and stash as many draft picks as possible but only time will tell.

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