Tracy Mcgrady is a legend, I don’t know why everyone always sleeps on how good he was. Maybe because it was really hard to gauge his intensity because of his lazy lackadaisical eyes, lids half closed at all times. His smooth fluid playing style was something to behold. TMAC remains my favorite player to watch to this day, the way he jumped on his shots was crazy, elevating so high he could probably dunk if he was next to the basket. Sure he never was on a great team in Orlando, but who cares, it was the TMAC show, and it was glorious.

This game was a battle until OT, Lebron was such a stud in his rookie season, but Mcgrady showed out for this one, which I believe was on Christmas Day. Obviously Lebron ended up being the better player but there was something to TMAC’s style that was just timeless.

62 points! Jesus that was amazing! Mcgrady had 10 boards and 5 assists to go along with the 62, this is when he truly arrived as a baller.

What’s more impressive? This or Reggie Miller’s 8 in 9 seconds. I honestly don’t know. They both resulted in wins and Mcgrady had a bigger deficit. Let’s give it to TMAC. Obviously I didn’t watch him as much as a Rocket because at that point I was a devoted Magic fan, but that Rockets team should have won something. They were stacked but it seemed like Yao and TMAC never could stay healthy at the same time, to put something together. There legacy’s live on as a reminder of what could have been.

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