Rappers Used to Rap, Member?

This might sound biased but the window between 2004 and 2010 was the best time for rap music. Just fun party bangers, and drug and gun talk. No socially conscious bs, and everyone was flexin. It was a fun time to be a rap fan, while some kids were blasting screamo and high school musical, my friends and I blared ignorant rap music and acted like assholes. It was just fun to be transported to another place vicariously through the music filled with drugs women and gun tot-in.

Young Jeezy feat Bun B

Jeezy is such a legend, his emphysema voice just went perfectly with sick beats. He rapped about one thing, selling cocaine. And it was dope because growing up idolizing movies like Goodfellas, Scar Face and Blow. He just made drug dealing sound fun.

50 Cent- 21 Questions

I don’t know if this around the exact timeline, but holy shit was 50 Cent a game changer. Dude wasn’t the best rapper lyrically but his flow and hooks still are unparalleled today. Guys just a genius. That guy had a run like no one ever has, he was like Dirk in the 2011 finals, just unstoppable.

50 Cent- High All The Time

When I started smoking weed, my friends and I would play this all the time, we were freshman in high school and this song was probably a year old but damn was this on repeat in my friends basement 24/7.

G-Unit- I don’t know Officer

Another 50 Cent banger, this song just made me want to do some low down hood rat shit, and I am white as fuck! G-Unit was on another level.

The Game had a brief stint in G-Unit before he started beefing for some dumb reason and then had one of his goons kill a member of D12 named Proof. The Game used to be a real gangster, according to him, he played basketball at Washington State for a brief stint before getting kicked out for selling crack, what a guy!

G-Unit- Hate it Or Love It

This was in my opinion G-Units best song. 50, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, The Game, Young Buck. What a stacked crew. Yayo fresh outta jail, and The Game pre departure from G-Unit.

Lloyd Banks feat Eminem and 50 Cent- Warrior Pt 2

Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and Eminem were the hottest rappers at that time and they killed this song. Might not be a club banger but I will listen to this song on repeat.

Biggie feat Twista, Krayzie Bone, 8Ball MJG

Biggie(rip), twista, krayzie bone and 8 ball and MJG. How fire was this song? Biggie was getting his verses recycled from the grave but how could he be mad? This beat is 100 times better than the original. This album was crazy, featuring lil Wayne, juelz Santana, the game, Snoop, Jim Jones and many more. Here’s another jam from this album, another remix that is done fantastically.

Biggie- Nasty Girl

What a banger, I remember a kid in my grade burned this cd and sold it for 5 bucks a piece. He must be a billionaire by now, that was genius.

Young Joc- It’s Goin Down

If you didn’t have a friend that bumped his shitty car with a sick sub you didn’t live. Such a banger. I hate to admit this but I definitely had this ringtone on my phone. Say what you want.

Crime Mob- Knuck If You Buck

Knuck if you Buck was such a jam, so ignorant and did she just say Osama Bin Laden? Wtf?!

Lil Wayne and Young Money took that same song and injected cocaine into the track. God he was so fucking good. This really just touches the tip of his mixtape discography, I will be sure to include a lot more on the next one.

I could keep going and going but let’s cut this off right here and call it part 1. More to come.

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