Top 30 NBA Draft 20-16

I know no one is going to read this, I’m essentially writing to myself, I DONT CARE. This will help me remember players and formulate opinions as I watch them grow in the league so fuck you for thinking this is a waste of time. It makes me happy, fuck off!

20. Minnesota Timberwolves


Shooting Guard, Maryland, Sophmore

Huerter has us all victim to a thing I love to call recency bias. Sure he had a good year, and he does shoot 41.7 percent, but after the combine many were comparing him to Klay Thompson. I understand he has a similar style to Klay but that’s just insane. Klay is a top 3 shooter all time and he is faster, more athletic and a better defender than Huerter. The positives for Huerter are simple, he has a silky smooth jumper and is great off screens. He’s also an above average passer but does commit a lot of turnovers. Huerter does play hard on defense and with a good coach and a little luck he could be an above average perimeter defender. He also could very well be the best shooter in this draft. The problem is, Huerter is 6’7 and not incredibly athletic, he is skinny and is going to get pushed around a lot by most shooting guards. This is a no brainer pick for Minnesota, they are a good team without a real three point threat. Maybe with Huerter in the rotation KAT will be forced to go to the post more where he can dominate. Huerter’s performance in the combine made him a hot commodity, so much so he didn’t even show up to the second day, what a freakin g.

19. Atlanta Hawks ELIE OKOBO

Point Guard, Pau-Orthez/ France

Okobo is the Charlie Kelly of this draft, just a complete wildcard. He’s been compared to Deron Williams and Delonte West. Which may seem like a slight but before Delonte was fooling around with Lebron’s Mom he actually was a decent player. I do not know why anyone would want to have sex with Delonte West though dudes picture comes up first when you google syphilis. Seriously, he’s ugly.

Okobo seems pretty decent, he’s 6’3 which is average for a point guard and he’s athletic, with a 41.3 percent 3 point percentage. He’s an OK passer but his recent switch from shooting guard could prove to be a problem, he doesn’t have the best ball handling skills and he’s not the best defender. Those are both big problems for a point guard in this league but he is a pure scorer and definitely has a high ceiling making him worth the risk.

The hawks need an athletic high octane point guard and in a nutshell, that’s Okobo. This team is going to be wading in the lower half of the league for the foreseeable future so they mine as well gamble on someone like Okobo and give him a decent amount of minutes to figure out his NBA game.

18. San Antonio Spurs Troy Brown Jr

Shooting Guard, Oregon, Freshman

Troy Brown seems like one of those Popovich projects. He is not a great 3 point shooter at 29% but his ability to create for his teammates and get himself open. Brown is an excellent ball handler and a great defender within his comfort zone. He’s 6’6 with a 6’10 wingspan and can be disruptive cutting off passes and turning defense into offense.

The big reason why Brown sits here at 18 is because of his basketball IQ, he is a smart player who will in turn make his teammates better through communication and he plays within himself.

Pop is known for taking smart, raw players like Brown and turning them into stars, this kid will flourish under Pop’s tutelage. If San Antonio loses Kawhi expect them to pull the trigger on a player like Brown. Even if Kawhi stays if he doesn’t sign the Super max extension, they will definitely want an insurance policy.


Guard, Kentucky, Freshman

If Alexander sticks around this far it is a perfect fit for the Bucks. Alexander is a playmaker, scorer, and excellent ball handler. He’s a 6’6 guard with a 7 foot wingspan. Alexander the type of player who can get his teammates open looks, and with Giannis, Bledsoe and Middleton on the court he should shine. Anytime a player comes from Kentucky its pretty obvious they have monster potential. Calipari only recruits 5 star athletes and Alexander is no different. He is a pretty decent 3 point shooter at 40 percent but he has a screwy looking shot, better than Lonzo, worse than Markelle.

The biggest question mark is his defense. He is not strong enough to guard post ups but his lateral quickness could prove to be his saving grace against quick guards in the NBA.

The Bucks need ball handlers and passers, Bledsoe is not the leader they need to take the ball up and Giannis’s handles can be sloppy. With a hard working high energy playmaker like Alexander to match Giannis’s aggression this should be a match made in heaven and make for a very fast paced team.

16. Phoenix Suns ZHAIRE SMITH

Small Forward, Texas Tech, Freshman

Zhaire Smith is so athletic, like video game hops. He’s a decent passer and shot really well from 3 point range during his freshman season. Those are things that will translate well into the NBA. Scouts have their doubts about him producing at a 45% clip from deep but dudes a freshman, and shooting that well has to be a good sign. Smith can guard smaller guys very well but because he is a little over 6’4with a solid frame and will not get backed down easily.

This move makes sense for the Suns especially if they can find a way to improve his handles they could transition him to a great second option of the bench. He’s a high energy high flying talent and his tenacity on the glass and skill in setting picks will come in handy for a Suns team looking to to fight their way back into NBA relevancy.

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