Top 30 NBA Draft 15-11

We here! In the lottery, time for the ballers and busts to be drafted. Whether you’re in a rebuild or traded to get here, there is a lot of pressure to make the right pick. Donavan Mitchell fell out of the top 10 last year and I’m sure no less than 8 GMs are banging their heads against the wall as a result. Let’s see who we got.

15. Washington Wizards ROBERT WILLIAMS

Big, Texas A&M, Sophmore

Williams is an athletic big, and today in small ball lineups, putting him at center won’t be an issue. His defense speaks for itself. He is a quick, versatile defender, capable of blocking and altering shots in bunches.

Williams played out of position at Texas A&M due to a two big style offense and wasn’t supremely effective at the 4 offensively but in the NBA his length( 7’5 wingspan) and bounce will make him a huge threat for putbacks and lobs. For now he is strictly an in the paint shooter as a result of an inconsistent jumper and bad mechanics, although his quickness could lead to easy buckets. Rebounding is ironically not one of his strengths and he will have to work on box outs and his timing.

Washington needs a new big man. Gortat and Wall’s relationship has soured and the Wizards don’t have much hope with what’s left on their roster. It’s always tough commuting to 6’9 non shooters like Williams because of the length and coordination many bigs have in the game today. I’d say his ceiling is a poor mans Clint Capela and the floor is an Emeka Okafor type player, but with a much worse shot. Washington’s best shot at taking a big man of the future would be to trade Otto Porter and this pick to Dallas or Orlando, and draft Mo Bamba.

14. Denver Nuggets MELVIN FRAZIER

Small Forward, Tulane, Junior

Frazier is an unreal defender, with a high basketball IQ and a tendency to make good things happen when he’s on the court. He’s a good shooter from anywhere on the court when he spots up, his off the dribble shots don’t fall with the same consistency because of his footwork. He can be erratic at times, especially around the rim. An overall solid passer. For a wing he is an excellent rebounder and his quickness and bounce are incredible.

The fact is the Nuggets need a good defensive wing, they have an assortment of scorers but no one who can consistently match up on the wing. Frazier solves that problem. His athleticism and spot up shooting will match perfect with Jokic and his passing ability will help make life easier for Jokic, Harris and Murray.

13. LA Clippers KEVIN KNOX

Forward, Kentucky, Freshman

Knox projects as an upside scorer and versatile defender. He can finish around the rim well and plays smart and controlled on the offensive end. He will be tough to guard if he can develop his shot a bit more and that will open up lanes for him to score. Great off the ball on the offensive end.

The Clippers have two darts to throw at the board at 12 and 13, Knox projects to have a higher offensive ceiling than Tobias Harris and could play the four side by side with him when Deandre Jordan is off the floor(or traded). His rebounding deficiencies shouldn’t be a problem when Jordan is on the floor and if the Clippers draft a point guard capable of making plays, he should fit in just fine. He kind of looks like Markelle Fultz got dropped as a baby.

12. LA Clippers TRAE YOUNG

Point Guard, Oklahoma, Freshman

Young’s stock has never been lower. He busted out onto the scene and early in the season was straight bodying teams. He took 327 threes, and shot 36 percent. It may have been his team’s lack of talent that forced him into tough situations later on in the season.

Young has great handles and is a great off the dribble shooter. Though he has a low release point, and that could spell trouble in the NBA. As a passer he is above average with good vision and can make fantastic plays, with that he can also give the ball up by trying to force passes. Definitely a below average, low effort, defender.

I think Young slides to the Clippers here because Colin Sexton is the more complete point guard. Young and Lou Williams will make an interesting backcourt that would be tough to defend and give up a lot of points. His ability to penetrate will help teammates get open looks and I’m sure Deandre Jordan will be a recipient of his playmaking many times. Who knows what this kid is capable of. He had arguably the best start to a season in college ever, then he flamed out. Only time will tell.

11. Charlotte Hornets LONNIE WALKER IV

Shooting Guard, Miami, Freshman

Walker is a solid defender at the guard positions and projects as a solid scorer at the next level. He has all the mechanics, moves and footwork to be a great scorer in the NBA. Not the best ball handler but his quickness and athleticism make up for his mediocre handles.

Walker struggles passing and could be a turnover liability with his sub par instincts. He isn’t strong enough to guard forwards, also a year removed from a torn right meniscus. Shooting percentage is a concern and he possesses a low basketball IQ.

Imagine Walker squared starting for the Hornets this year. The name is far more enticing than the product, but Lonnie Walker could fit in to this system well. He has all the necessary tools to become a great player and if he shares the court with Kemba, best believe he’s going to have the weaker defender guarding him. He is young with a lot of raw potential. Here’s to hoping the Hornets finally strike gold after so many lackluster picks the last few years. That guys hair is an issue, I’ve never seen anything like it, he looks like a character from Tekken or something.

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