Welcome to In Case You Missed It R/NBA, this is a segment I’ve wanted to do for a while now, exploring the bowels of NBA Reddit for theories, interesting stats and jokes. r/nba has a lot of interesting well informed posters and it seems like a disservice for that no one compiles their best weekly posts, so that is what I’m gonna do. Sorry twitter, too many trolls for my liking.

This post caught my eye immediately, good for you Mike Brown, it’s hard coaching Lebron and you shouldn’t take the fall for the shitty teams, Danny Ferry should have taken the hit here, the acquisitions that Ferry produced were never going to win Lebron a title, Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert is too thin skinned and stupid for his own good when it comes to the Cavaliers.Mike has had a bumpy road in the NBA, his next tenure was with the Lakers which lasted one year and then with the Lebron-less Cavaliers for a year again. It seems like he never got matched up with a competent GM except for David Griffin and Brown really didn’t get a chance to play that one out. Being an assistant on the Warriors has to be the sweetest deal, none of the blame when it goes wrong and rings for days.

King James and CP3 on the Lakers would be interesting, but what would they have to give up exactly? I know they technically are free agents but there would have to be some form of a sign and trade. Let’s take a look at the cap situation for the Lakers.

So this actually would be feasible without a sign and trade if Chris Paul and James both took pay cuts, not likely. Paul took a pay cut going into this season with a wink, wink that he was going to get paid more going forward. To be honest I don’t know why Paul would do this. He is the man in Houston, they almost beat the Warriors and yes Lebron is better than James Harden, but if you had to trade Ingram or Kuzma, that team would be seriously lacking in depth. I’m sure Lebron is licking his chops looking at the list of free agents and the list of teams that want him this year. What is entirely more feasible is that Lebron ends up in Houston, with Chris Paul. If Houston retains Paul they will have limited cap space but maybe if they sign and trade Capella or dump that disgusting Ryan Anderson contract with assets they will have enough carved out to acquire Lebron. That’s a scary notion.

This would have been funny if this guy didn’t explain the joke we already got. Sucks for Lebron though, I wonder if he sees this and just starts strangling JR, Lebron has been nothing short of amazing this postseason and although I hate how much he whines sometimes to officials he may end up being the best scorer this league has ever seen.That List though Hakeem was before my time but man was that dude dominant. AI just set the league on fire when he was in his prime. The balls on that guy, and for you kids out there I’m not talking about Andre Iguodola, learn some history, Allen Iverson bish. Also I wonder if Kobe just stares at these numbers on the wall every morning for motivation seeing as Shaq is ahead of him.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Peep the 2016 Finals and get back to us. Also Kobe never did anything without a stacked roster so let’s be fair here, Lebron has played in 9 Finals. If I were a betting man I would say he reaches 5 finals wins during his career, but that’s just me. That should put him way past Kobe right?

Reddit user trumpbaby93 wrote“Got myself a Jordan tattoo right next to my Miami Heat one. So excited.”

I’m just going to say what everyone is thinking, this guy should not procreate. First of all, that tattoo sucks, it looks like the flayed man from the Bolton’s flag on game of thrones.See! Except the tattoo is fatter. This guys is a bandwagon loser for sure. Why is Jordan dunking on the Miami Heat logo? Why are there two championship trophies? Just why bro? Please help us all out and get a vasectomy.

The parentheses around JVG complaining are just the cherry on top. Ok these guys are semi entertaining but in a Skip Bayless way, granted they both know infinitely more than Skip but the complaining and whining has gotten to be too much. Put Doris in the booth and fire those clowns. On to the rules, pretty standard complaints in the comment section.

Rule Change #1: Reddit user torturetrilogy writes

“Jumping into a defender should not be a foul. Players have gotten away with it for so long it’s being abused. If anything it’s an offensive foul. I hope it atleast goes the way of the swipe through. Common foul.”

Totally agree with this poster, this rule needs to change, the only people seemingly against it in the thread are Rockets fans because that’s James Hardens go to move. This rule change is imperative to improve the pace of the game as well. There is a reason that James Harden shot the most free throws in the league and everyone is tired of it.

Rule Change #2 Reddit User Fathalala writes

” I honestly hate how you can stop a fast break with a foul. I think fans are robbed of a lot of potential excitement.”

This one is so true I’ve seen this so many times I can’t count. Make it 2 shots and the ball and it will never happen again guaranteed.

Rule Change #3 Reddit User Chubby_Giraffe writes

“Get rid of the defensive 3 seconds rule, it’s so stupid.”

Definitely not. That rule is great because it forces teams to play more man coverage. Zone would be stupid in the NBA, there would be more fouls and less spectacular plays. It helps speed up the process of the game. Keep it 💯.

This is amazing the Warriors margin of victory over four games is larger than any team ever. I think that really puts how great this team is into perspective, the Warriors margin of victory was 15 points per game nearly 3 points better than any team in Finals history. For all the NBA fans who wanted a closer Finals just remember next year there will be freshly built super teams like Boston and Philly, positioned to give the Warriors a run for their money. The Rockets took the Warriors to 7 games and if they had a healthy Chris Paul they easily could be in the Warriors shoes right now. This situation speaks more to the lack of great teams in the east. This will change next year with the Celtics and Sixers.

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