The Warriors are Champions and Lebron has been playing with a broken hand, Finals Recap

I just want to first give a shout out to Nick “Swaggy P” Young, you sir are a national treasure. Such a treat, who cares that he played like shit, who cares he will probably not be on the Warriors next year he is an NBA champion. That’s the great thing about team sports, sometimes you get really lucky. He has been through the ringer in his time in the league, and I’m sure he’s snapping Iggy the trophy looking like an absolute boss.

The Warriors are Champions again( groans from the peanut gallery). Sure, you could say it’s boring that they’ve won a third finals in four years. I just have one question to ask. Was it boring when Michael won 6 in 7 years? Or was it an unbelievable feat of accomplishment? Were the Kobe and Shaq Lakers boring when they won three in a row? What is the difference now? The Warriors and Cavs both played seven game series in the conference finals and we should really be cherishing these moments. It’s been almost 70 years since the last time two teams met four years in a row in any sports championship. But that gets glossed over because how good the Warriors have been. I’m sick of these babies crying over non competitive finals, what we are witnessing is unprecedented.

Sorry I’m triggered, I think I have spent too much time on twitter tonight.

If you think about it the finals have only been bad for two years and that’s a result of Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, but it’s also a result of many NBA franchises who would have been competitive but their cap space is dried up because of players getting overpaid the last few years. The truth of the matter is yes the Warriors are that good but can we really say their success is unfair? Lebron did it when he joined the Heat and he lost. The Celtics did it when they picked up Ray Allen and KG and the Lakers do it every few years. People forget the Warriors drafted 3 of their 4 stars. If the Celtics are good next year will there be groaning over Danny Ainge stealing Kyrie from the Cavs or Signing Hayward and just bamboozling the Nets front office into ruining their franchise and giving up four years worth of first rounders? I don’t think so. Let the Warriors fans have their moment and let’s move on.

Though this Finals was a sweep there were a lot of interesting story lines.

Lebron Going Superhuman

We had the JR smith play

We had Steph and Perkins get heated

Tristan Thompson vs Draymond Round 1

Tristan Thompson vs Draymond Round 2

KD Silencing The Haters

What great memories, and that fresh tidbit Lebron threw out after the game about probably breaking his hand game one.

Rumor is he punched a wall after Game 1. I guess that’s better than JR’s face right?

The Golden State Warriors are champions once again, don’t hate the player hate the game. By the way I can understand Durant getting The MVP but it seems like Curry should have won it. Sure he had a dud in game three but going for 35 in game 2 and 37 in game four seems like enough to push it his direction. Durant is at the moment the undisputed second best player in the NBA currently, he’s 29 and still has a lot left in the tank but I could see Anthony Davis taking the top spot from both Durant and Lebron in the coming years. Anyway, Congrats Golden State

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