NBA Round 1 Betting Pt 1 Sunday

First round games are often predictable, the best teams win at an incredibly high clip. But betting is a different animal entirely. Vegas usually beefs up the lines this time of year because well the lower seeds dominate. Let’s take a look.

Celtics Vs Bucks

My Pick Celtics -4

Brad Stevens is a tremendous coach, he is an expert at catching teams off guard. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier have all become household names this year because of Stevens. The fact is he stole a game from the Cavs last year with less talent than he has now and I just don’t see a home playoff game against a volatile Bucks team resulting in an L. Sure it will be close but Milwaukee is the biggest mess of a team and although I think the Bucks could upset the series, I don’t see the Celtics giving this one away.

Pacers Vs Cavaliers

My Pick Pacers+7Sure Lebron is the best player in the game, but how many blowouts has he had against playoff teams this year? Well the past 10 games they have no wins over 7 points against such teams.. The Cavs will most likely win this game but the great perimeter shooting coupled with stingy ass defense from Indiana should definitely pump the brakes on a rout. Indiana is 14th in defense, not bad especially with the defensive deficiencies of Bogdonavic but the rest of the team is great defensively and Oladipo has surprised us all this year. The Cavs are among the best offenses but their defense ranks 29th. Probably a result of the Isaiah Thomas experiment and the massive roster overhaul but the Sixers lit them up for 80 in the first half 2 weeks ago, so still much of the same.

Jazz Vs Thunder

My Pick Jazz +4

The Thunder are like a Ferrari with a Honda engine. They look fast and powerful and unbeatable, but really nothing special when you watch them play. The Jazz have been scolding hot, one might say lava hot 😉 since the all star break. Utah’s defense is great and with Gobert down low don’t count on Russ penetrating as easily. This sets him up for bad shots. With Crowder and Mitchell on the perimeter, OKC will struggle from three as well. Their saving grace has to be Steven Adams who just lights up the offensive glass left and right. This will be a low scoring game. Whatever the under is, it’s not low enough. 205.5 seems really low but these teams rely on their d.

Rockets Vs Timberwolves

My Pick Houston -11

This team is gonna come out firing. They are rested and hungry and looking to prove themselves. If you want an idea of what this game will look like simply reference Golden States dismantling of the Spurs. If your center is your best three point shooter and you are playing a team of 10 over 35 percent 3 points shooters it’s not gonna be a good look. Harden and Paul are eager to prove all the haters wrong and they will. Atleast for one game.

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