NBA Dream Additions

Who is the one player your team needs to get over the hump?

Boston Celtics- Anthony Davis

Al Horford has been great defensively for the Celtics, but Anthony Davis brings a new dimension to this team, his great defensive play and ability to make midrange jumpers would be ideal for the Celtics and Brad Stevens would jump for joy if he could implement Davis into his offensive schemes. Not to mention how impossible it would be to score on them with Davis anchoring the efforts. This is a no brainer.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Steph Curry

Curry works in so many ways for the T-wolves. Obviously it doesn’t hurt to have the greatest shooter of all time but what he doesn’t often get credit for is his facilitating and penetration. One of the biggest problems the Timberwolves have had has been consistent three point shooting from anyone other then Jimmy Buckets,Curry would fix that. When he penetrates the defense collapses on him and that’s when KAT would really shine. Imagine the energy night to night with Curry and Jimmy Butler leading a team.. Endless possibilities.

New Orleans Pelicans- Chris Paul

Chris Paul is a magician with the ball in his hands, he has the ability to make amazing passes and drain a shot from anywhere on the court. Rajon Rondo is a great passer but definitely struggles finding a consistent shot. Imagine swapping him out with Paul and having Jrue Holiday in the backcourt with him and Boogie Cousins and Davis in the front court round it out with someone versatile like Mirotic and this team would be very difficult to beat any day of the week. Chris Paul’s range keeps defenses honest, and he is also very capable of defending some of the best point guards in the league. The cherry on top of course is Chris Paul returning to the city that drafted him, everyone loves a comeback!

Cleveland Cavaliers- Kawhi Leonard

Cleveland has a potent offense, mostly because of Lebron, but regardless they can put up points. What they have trouble with is defending, and especially defending the three, when they played the Rockets earlier in the year they were overwhelmed with three after three drained on them. That has been a consistent problem. What’s the solution? One of the best defenders in the league and a perfect second option for Lebron to help with the pressure that he faces night in night out. Kawhi has no problem sharing the rock as a result of playing under the greatest coach ever.

Philadelphia 76ers- Klay Thompson

The Sixers have ball handlers who can make amazing passes and penetrate well, they also have Joel Embiid who can make a shot anywhere on the court. Their defense is great and they have a deep bench full of above average shooters. What are they missing? One of the best shooters in NBA history. Imagine Klay moving off ball to the corner and Simmons hitting him for a three, it would be like poetry. Klay also is a very good defender and can match up with anyone under 7 feet. I’m sure Brett Brown would be salivating at this addition.

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