NBA Draft Deep Dive: Michael Porter Jr

Michael Porter Jr Mizzou SF 6-10

Michael Porter Jr is an athletic forward who has range from anywhere on the floor. He missed almost all of his freshman year with a back injury that required surgery, and has a very small college sample size, three games to be exact, but between his High School stats and his brief college stint, this guy is special. He averaged 37 points his senior year with 14 rebounds and 2.6 assists. Let’s just say he dominated High School. In college he only averaged 10 points but if you take that average at 17 minutes per game and use his per 40 average he is averaging 22.6 points per 40. Which, for his first and only three games of his college career is outstanding.

In his senior year of High School he averaged almost 70% from 3 point range. Those are insane numbers, not quite realistic, and the line moving back takes some adjusting but overall a great mid to long range game. If you look at his three point stats from college he is hovering at 30 percent. Not great at all but remember this was 3 games and a total of 10 3s over those three games. Not a great sample size either.

The fact is this guy is the real deal, he is an amazing player and for him “the Ceiling is the roof” to quote the great Michael Jordan. I think his ideal situation is falling out of the top 5 and landing on a team not in straight rebuilding mode, like Philly or Cleveland or even LA where he has immediate help and is not the sole star on a team that has been tanking. If he is picked in the top 5 Memphis seems like a desired situation with stars like Mike Conley and Mark Gasol to guide him into his path in the pros. His mixture of length athleticism and range will definitely translate into the pro level. Think a way more raw, less accurate Paul George or Gerald Green style player with more length. Hopefully if he stays healthy this time next year we will be questioning GMs who didn’t take him in the top 5 and wondering what his ceiling will be.

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