What Do They Drink? NBA Players

I’m just guessing what these players drink. I hope I’m not right.

Boban Marjanovic is a freaky looking dude with freaky big hands. I’m guessing he drinks something like goat milk White Russians out of a liter mug or something like that.

For some reason J.R is screaming Cognac to me. Probably Henny, and I’m not even trying to sound stereotypical but I bet this guy gets down with the brown.

Steven Adams

Is a big brolic kiwi. I’m thinking this guy drinks fosters with Bloody Mary mix in it often referred to as red beer. Lebron is right this guy needs to be on Game Of Thrones.

Russ probably drinks a hipster beer like pbr or some craft Micro brew only people in Oklahoma like.

Lebron is famous for being a huge wino… sheesh! He and Carmelo consider themselves experts in high class wine( maybe melo should spend more time practicing instead of imbibing) I’m guessing Lebron mixes in HGH or something into his daily bottle to keep himself young. This guy is 33 playing in his prime… sheesh!