The Cavs are Poised for a Deep Run Again… Are you Surprised?

After watching Lebron’s effort against the Raptors Wednesday night is anyone still doubting the Cavs playoff relevance? Sure they have had really bad stretches this year but they are starting to look healthy and George Hill, Rodney Hood and Larry Nance have acclimated well in such a short span of time. Lebron’s monster game against Toronto, where he inconceivably put up 35 points with 17 assists and 0 turnovers was a big middle finger to the MVP snub he is going to get this year. In Kevin Love’s first game back against the Bucks he posted an 18 point 7 rebounds 4 assist game and in his second game back he posted a double double with 23 points and 12 rebounds. Pretty good for a guy just getting his NBA legs back. He is the most important piece for Lebron’s success, with him on the floor, it gives Lebron a reliable second option and it keeps the defense more honest than without where he teams could trap Lebron into passing the ball and double team him down low.

Larry Nance remains sidelined with a hamstring injury but since he has joined the Cavs he has been a different player, scoring 11.6 points to go with 7.9 rebounds a game. He gives Lebron so much to work with, with his athleticism and size he can be a nightmare for opposing defenses especially with many teams now using a small ball model.

If we delve into the clutch time stats for Lebron, he is at 83.3 FGM% UAST. Which is the percentage of clutch time field goals he makes unassisted. That means he is doing a lot of this on his own. He is 3rd in wins that result from clutch time scoring with 26 wins. In his 15th season, it seems he has found another level of his prime that many thought would have been behind him after the age of 30.

The Cavs have won 4 out of 5 and with Kevin Love back seemed poised to make a deep run in the postseason. How far can Lebron take them? I’m thinking he makes it 9 straight NBA finals appearances.