The Many Hats That Cam Newton Wears

Cam Newton is known for his great QB play during the NFL season and his celebratory nature has caused controversy at times,but after the game he’s known for one thing, his many fancy hats. Lets take a look.

He looks like a Batman villain/ Android with this hat and outfit pairing. Also, anyone else thinks this shirt looks like it was body painted on him?

Kentucky Derby Cam, but that is a fly peacock bow tie I must say.

He’s not wearing a hat in this one but those pants are awful, half man, half flamboyant zebra.

High Cam wearing a Pharell style hat, seemingly watching basketball or sleeping with his eyes open.

This is one I’ve never seen before, it looks like the coat comes over his had to create some type of Chador style head dress.

Crocodile Dundee Cam, looks like he’s about to go wrangle some Crocs after the game, while still keeping his style rocking a floral shirt.

The hat just doesn’t fit here, big and pink and those kicks are cool but with a suit, come on Cam you can do better. It just looks sloppy.

This outfit actually looks pretty good, Bond villain anyone? He’s like a swagged out Mr. Peanut.