The Good The Bad And The Ugly Pt 1: NBA Outfits

Some NBA players have more style than others, some Stay conservative in their apparel and some just go for it. Let’s take a look.

Ok Lebron, not terrible, but do you know what I can’t stand, 2 collars it just looks cattywampus to say the least. He looks like he just bought a new outfit from the gap and is strutting it off for his girl.

Russell, which ballet are you auditioning for again, I want to catch it when it comes to my city..

Dwayne Wade to Sales associate, “I know this ain’t Miami Heat colors!”

James Harden, nothing bad to say here nice blouse. And those jeans look like they probably have no pockets.

Beetlejuice, anyone?

I don’t want to talk to the media today, but take lots of pics, k?!

Can’t shit on this, nice work Mr. Harden

“I’m really high”

Lebron lookin pretty swagged outt. Nice kicks..

I sat in bleach and so I had to change my shirt to look grunge because I don’t have any other pants.

My mom said you could sleep over.

I’m done…