Why isn’t Lebron a True MVP Contender This Year?

Lebron is the best player in the league, but the NBA loves story lines and putting stock in rising stars is part of their marketing plan. Unfortunately, this forces the writers to also live in the moment, and they’re the ones along with broadcasters, who select the MVP. The hot take this year is James Harden, the hotter take is Anthony Davis or Damien Lillard, but my lava take shades them all. Lebron deserves the MVP. He has been lights out all year, and with a team substantially worse than what he’s used to going to battle with. The fact is that James Harden has won the award and you can take that to the bank. His team is performing great and he is leading the league in scoring, nuff said. But if the MVP is an award truly for the most valuable player on a contending playoff team, then why can’t Lebron get it?

Lebron won his last MVP in 2013. Since then, Lebron has averaged over 25 points every year, over 6 assists every year and over 6 rebounds every year. Yet never a serious MVP contender. He has brought his team to the finals all of those years and won in 2016. This year Lebron is doing it without Kyrie and for a majority of the season, without Kevin Love. The players they traded for pale in comparison to casts he has had in the past. Yet the Cavs are 3rd in the east and Lebron has played every game and logged 37 minutes a game.

The fact is, Lebron has been top 5 in scoring with huge averages in assists and rebounds since his last MVP year. If you took James Harden off of the Rockets they would still be a playoff team. If you took Lebron off of the Cavs they would be another Tankapalooza team.

Give the man his award this year. I know it would be his 5th MVP award but come on, he is averaging a staggering 27.1 points, 9 assists and 8.6 rebounds. He also has taken over at the end of games. Something James Harden has not had to do because many games he has played have been blowouts.

This award just feels like an IOU for Harden getting snubbed last year in favor of Westbrook, and if defensive stats are important then why is it that Harden is favored, shouldn’t it be Anthony Davis if that was the case?

This is an instance where the writers are hesitant because Lebron has won the award 4 times and they feel as if it would be hyperbolic on not just his career but his legacy as an NBA great. Michael Jordan has 5, and in my mind it’s their way of saying Lebron is not as good as Jordan. Lebron James deserves this award, give it to the man!