Which NBA Players Have The Best and The Worst Kicks?

Basketball shoes are more than just the material they are made out of, they are expressions, they are statements and some of them are really fucking cool. Michael Jordan obviously exponentially grew the market for these shoes. Many would say the shoes actually surpassed the man in fame, for the recent generations it’s been likened to art collecting and personify’s style. Here are my favorite and most hated kicks from current players in the league.

Paul George: PG2

These are some nice kicks. Slim mid top design with a really cool sole as well. The logo is PG obviously but it almost looks like an infinity sign and the backwards Nike check on the back is a nice shoe. The only thing I don’t like is the bulky strap fastened around the middle. I think it’s pointless. Rating:7.5

Kevin Durant: KD10

This shoe is not only aesthetically pleasing it also throws major shade at Westbrook and OKC fans who call Durant a cupcake for leaving. Who will have the last laugh? I’m sure KD will be on his way to the bank with his Nike check. This shoe reminds me slightly of Yeezys with the material and the shoe lace placement is really cool and honestly they look really comfortable. Rating 8.0

Russell Westbrook: Why Not Zer0.1

These shoes are different for sure. They vaguely remind me of some old school TMACs I used to have. With the futuristic vibe and the print, it’s a nice combo. But I still think these are over the top. Rating 6.8

Worst Shoes

Steph Curry: Chef Curry Two

These shoes are the shoes a old hairy white guy with goggles and high socks would wear. They look like if new balance made basketball shoes or ASICS sponsored a senior basketball league. Curry has put out some cool stuff, but these are fucking horrid. Rating 1.3

Lonzo Ball: Z02

I mean these, holy shit,so much to say, first of all, these shoes just look like shit. They look like the shoe in the early 2000s no one bought. And while I support small business owners. Lavar you gotta get back to the drawing board with these. They just look clunky as fuck… Not a fan. On top of that I’ve been reading reviews online and it seems not only are these horrible to play basketball in, but they are extremely uncomfortable and hard to walk in as well. Better look next time BBB. Rating .1