Trae Young NBA Player Comparisons


With news coming out that Trae Young has declared for the NBA Draft I’ve decided to do a quick little player comparison for how I see his game fitting in the NBA.

There’s the most obvious comparison to Steph Curry. It’s interesting to see how Curry’s transformation of the NBA has slowly made its way into youth basketball. With shooting more important than ever, Young started the season on a tear – scoring over 40 points 4 times this season. The comparisons to Curry are even more obvious when you notice Young hoisted over 10 threes a game in college alone. When he gets into the NBA where it’s 3-pointer crazy he’ll likely become even more of a specialist.

I think the comparison to Curry is valid to a degree. Do I think Young has the ability to do what Curry does? Absolutely not. His physical limitations seems much greater than Curry’s were and his 3 point shot not nearly as honed in as Curry’s.

The comparison I find is a mix between Curry’s let-it-go from anywhere range, Jamal Murray’s offensive game, Shane Larkin-esque size. Obviously that’s a massive mix of all different types of players. But to give a blanket statement that Trae Young will be the next Steph Curry isn’t fair to Trae Young. Let’s give him the green light and let him show us who he’s going to be.