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Curren$y Drive in Theater

For fans of The Godfather and rap this mixtape is perfect for you. Curren$y paints a vintage image of driving around on a beautiful day with chaos enveloping around every corner.

High Top Whites- is a classic track about meeting a girl with some white converses. The song starts with. “Day in the life, woke up to what we didn’t smoke last night, got right got high, I got hibachi left over littler steak fried rice. What a perfect picture painted by Curren$y that anyone could relate to. Then he comes in second verse with “I’m a motherfucking race car, n$&@ you the motherfucking bait car.” What a genius line throwing shade at some dude whose girlfriend he’s trying to steal.

On the track E.T he brings the famed Cyprus Hill rapper B-real back to life, and he doesn’t disappoint. Curren$y starts with ” Fresh paint on a park bench, shining in the sunlight of the morning, under the shade of the trees taking it all in, in the courtyard of my homegirls apartment.” If you close your eyes and listen to those lines you can see exactly what he is saying on here, beautiful day on a bench just looking up taking in all the beauty and warmth. B-Real comes in with his distinct voice. “Guess I’m pulling trees out the grow room m, phone blowin up man, how’d they know so soon.”This guy loves weed apparently, evident in his earlier days in Cyprus Hill, and his flow mixed with his voice and the beat just work perfectly on this track.

Other great songs on this mixtape are Grew up like this, Stolen, Vintage Vinyards and the intro. They use samples from the music from The Godfather and snippets of memorable events from the movie and it just works perfectly because Curren$y’s rap style is almost cinematic.