The Raptors are Here to Stay

The Raptors boast the best record in the Eastern Conference. They are nipping at Golden States heels for second in the NBA, and they have been lighting everyone up in the league. On March 9th they beat the Rockets for the second time this season. No amount of firepower Houston threw at them seemed to work. With DeMar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, Jonas Valanciunas and Cj miles leading the way this team seems primed for a deep playoff run.

DeMar Derozan is a stud. Night in night out he is the fuel that keeps the Raptors winning. Whether it’s sensational dunking, clutch shooting, or a precision pass this guy is working the Association. He is averaging 5 less points then last season but the Raptors are a much more fluid team this year and don’t have to rely as heavy on him because his supporting cast is living up to the hype.

Fred VanVleet has been a great backup point guard. Nothing flashy about his game but he is putting up a respectable 8.3 points and 3.2 assists. Valanciunas as starting center is averaging 12.5 points 8.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists. His per(player efficiency rating) is best on the team at 22.2. Serge Ibaka has been a great contributor as well, cool with playing third fiddle, reminisced of his days at OKC.

Kyle Lowry is the wildcard. He is a very streaky shooter, but when he is on he is on fire. I just find myself watching him sometimes and thinking why are you chucking up shit man. You are better than that. His point totals are inexplicable. He puts up 30 against the Rockets and 4 and 7 against the leagues bottom dwellers the Hawks and the Knicks just days before. What he brings to the playoffs will determine their success.

Drake becomes a sideline reporter

Against the Houston Rockets Drake played sideline reporter as he has before and it was entertaining. It’s hard to imagine the Raptors would be as spotlighted without his fandom. He’s been repping his hometown team and brought excitement to the city and fans alike with his court side appearances.

The Raptors have talent to throw a wrench in Lebron’s eighth finals party in a row and are just now receiving the hype they deserve. After that, they would have a tough finals against Golden State or Houston, but with a team running at all cylinders right now anything can happen.