To Pee or Not to Pee. The MeUndies Quandary

Why is there no pee hole? I ask myself this multiple times a week now after becoming the lucky recipient of the monthly MeUndies subscription. But yeah… what the fuck? Theres no pee hole..?

I talked about wanting to try these this past summer because they honestly were advertised on every single podcast I listened to. Once a week I would hear about this micro modal material their underwear was made out of. Finally, I told my girlfriend I gotta try these!

My first pair came in my stocking – how exciting! (The package showed up a few weeks before Christmas in a very clearly marked MeUndies so I knew I was getting them.) Anyways, I was pumped, they felt incredibly soft, I’d describe it as compression shorts you’d wear for sports or working out – minus the tightness.

They were in fact, just as comfortable to wear as they felt on the hand. Quickly though, I realized there was no pee hole, which I found extremely odd. I’ve never had a pair of underwear without a hole, maybe this was a defect – thought. Nope, every single paid is design without a hole.

It’s a shame. It’s a logistical nightmare to have to figure that out in a work environment –where you’re already constantly jostling for bathroom superiority. Whether it’s by claiming the only normal sized urinal or the handicap stall for the extra space, there’s a constant battle and now I also need to figure out how to use a urinal without a hole in my underwear.

Maybe it’s a fashion thing that has gone mainstream while I am still wearing out fruit of the looms, but it’s not a fashion statement I will stand for. This is the official petition for MeUndies to offer me a pee hole option. They’re far too comfortable to not have the ability to use a urinal. Do the right thing MeUndies… I know you will.