I Suck at Fortnite. Juju please help!

Fortnite is a shooting game where you can squad up and work together to be the last squad standing. It’s fun but it’s fucking hard. Most of the time I just hide off the grid in the maze until the map shrinks.

But Juju, Ninja, Travis Scott and Drake apparently killed it last night. Who is the mvp of that match? My moneys on JuJu since he recruited all of them to play. For a 20 year old coming off a great rookie season he is killing it. He recruits lebron to play for the steelers, he’s a great wide receiver, and he’s a boss at Fortnite. Can I just have one of those skills? When I play I just hide until there is 30 people left and simply die, and I’m frustrated so I play COD instead. I wish I was good because it seems fun but I have the reaction time of a sloth and the aim of mr magoo. Anyway, I’m just gonna silk for a little while.