The Brown Zone

An inconceivably tough path of heartache and misery passes through these fans hearts, like a fart ebbing and flowing around ones nose until it’s so unbearable that you feel dizzy and vomit. That is the stench of the Browns. And it can be smelled from mountain top to island oasis. They suck. In past years they have danced with the possibility of being decent signing players like Josh Gordon, Peyton Hillis, Joe Thomas, RG3, the list goes on and on. And they still have yet to find a qb for longer than a rental.

But now there is hope. Like a flower blooming off the poo that we call the browns life has been breathed into their souls. Getting Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde. And they have 2 picks in the top 4 and a promising young talent in Myles Garrett. This seems like it could finally be the year they break the wall of utter shame. And yet Hue Jackson still remains. So I’m betting not.